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Fun activities to do with your Olathe preschooler at home

Posted on 10-07-2014


When your preschool child is not at day care, there are plenty of fun ways to spend time with him or her at home. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Olathe, we offer a high quality, nationally accredited preschool program and we understand that a child needs to have play time. Play time can be with parents, which allows time to bond, as well as with siblings and other family members and friends. Below are some fun activities to spend time with your preschooler at home.

Watching clouds

This is a fun and relaxing outdoor activity that is suitable for the whole family. Grab a blanket and go outside, or to a nearby park and lie on your backs on the blanket. Then simply watch as the clouds float by and morph into different shapes. Ask your child to tell you what he or she sees, and what kinds of shapes they can identify. Help ignite imagination by suggesting different animals and plants or other types of shapes.

Indoor camping

Your child will enjoy this activity and you can use materials from your home, such as cushions, blankets and pillows, to build a comfortable set up inside or outside. You can use flashlights to tell stories and have “campsite” snacks to share as a family.


This activity should not be unsupervised, so be prepared to take an active role! It is a good idea to take this creative activity outdoors if weather permits both to help with the cleanup process and to inspire your childs imagination with the beauty of the great outdoors. Plain white newsprint is a great choice for painting. Provide your preschooler with paintbrushes in a variety of sizes and a plethora of colors of washable paint and let his or her imagination take flight. You will be surprised at what your preschool aged child can create. This is a fantastic opportunity to create, play, and bond together.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Olathe, we know that children learn more effectively when they are having fun. For more information about our fun, yet effective preschool program contact us today.

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