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Are tablet games the future of Olathe preschool education?

Posted on 08-06-2014

Mobile technology is quickly becoming more prominent around the world with millions of families owning smartphones and tablets. These devices present a great opportunity for your preschool child to learn through the use of educational apps. Are tablets going to be the mainstay of future preschool education? Here we look at the benefits and drawbacks.


The first and most obvious benefit that preschoolers gain from tablet games is the opportunity to familiarize themselves with technology. In an increasingly digital world, this will prepare your daycare aged child for the digital future. Without this exposure, your child will fall behind before they even get a chance to start.

The second benefit lies in the sheer number of educational games available on the market today. If your child does not particularly enjoy a certain app, you can always delete it and download a new one.

Your child will also be able to learn while having fun. Studies have shown that a young child is able to take in more information if they are enjoying the learning process.


The first major drawback is the fact that your child may become too dependent on the mobile device. It might be difficult for a child to transition from mobile devices to working with pencil and paper and traditional books. It is good to have a balance so that your child can be exposed to various delivery methods for education.

The other drawback is the cost factor. The cost to equip every preschool child with a tablet is something not all school districts can manage, or even all families. Also, a young child often does not appreciate the value of things therefore, inevitably, tablets will be broken and have to be replaced, leading to more expense.

In conclusion, tablets and mobile devices have increasingly played a part in preschool education. However, it is important to continue incorporating traditional educational methods as well.

For information about Kids ‘R’ Kids of Olathe, Kansas and our wonderful AdvancED for preschool fast track curriculum, visit our preschool's website. Or feel free to contact us for more information.

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